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Carla Bray 
Piano instructor
​​Carla Bray started playing piano at the age of five. Recognized as an accomplished and versatile musician, she is known for teaching and performing in a variety of different styles and venues. She holds a B.A. in Music from California State University Long Beach, a recipient of the prestigious Presser Music Scholarship in her junior year.

As a pianist, Carla began accompanying her middle school and high school choral groups while she was still enrolled as a student, which led to an ongoing love of being a choral group accompanist. As a professional, she has held positions as a choral accompanist in schools and churches throughout California, including the Riverview Middle School in Pittsburg, Franklin Middle School in Long Beach, and Lakewood First UMC in the Long Beach area. 

Later in her musical career, Carla began a new adventure with a second instrument: the harp. As a freelance harpist, Carla has had the pleasure to work with such legendary performers as Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, John Williams, Monica Mancini, and Kanye West. She has performed with many notable orchestras in Southern California, including Burbank Chamber Orchestra, Pasadena Pops Orchestra, and the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra. She has made numerous television appearances throughout the years as a performer, as well as studio recording sessions at Paramount and 20th Century Fox for several TV and independent film projects.

Carla has been teaching piano since 1995 with students of all ages and a wide range of levels. She is a big believer in a well-rounded and balanced music education; in other words, learning the theory and history behind the music, being a good reader of what’s on the page as well as being a good listener, and being challenged while still keeping enthusiasm for learning alive. 

Carla’s longtime love of music and her passion for the integration of music into education and day-to-day life is always evident and conveyed to all her students.